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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it me or ...

Seré yo, o ... ( my mind wonders)
BY: Angélica Marie Penchi

Is it me or.... glasses and watches can tell you a lot about a person???.. What they like, how and how much they like it, and if they know what looks good on them. Because you can have a bad fashion sense day, but aren't glasses suppose to last for like a year or longer??
-Next time you look at a person with glasses maybe your mind can wonder too. Because sometimes it seems that if you change the glasses they are using, maybe they could be a whole different person.

**I hope that all my stuff says about me that I'm a dreamer in love that doesn't care what anybody thinks, and follows her heart, and learns a lot from her mistakes. My jewelry is amazing, it can bullshit a lot, like me!!! ;)

Is it me or...shoes can say a lot about what the person was thinking when they woke up. Maybe it looked like it was going to rain, so they wore sneakers that day, or they don't care about the rain and they(me) still wore sandals at Colegio when it rains everyday. If you look close maybe the shoes will tell you a whole different story than the whole wardrobe of the person...

Is it me or...People often criticize something they do all the time?? I think we can do one of two things: stop criticizing or accept what other people criticize us. Come on, be fair!! Do it and shut up, or don't do it and then complain when someone does it to you. Let's be fair!!! I prefer the first option... I like to talk shit to much!!!

This is all me. Sometimes I think the Greeks and the Romans had it right the first time, all those years ago. They slept around and were gay, and were happy and no one complained. ( of course lets put aside all the unnecessary killing for no apparent reason) But they sure knew how to have fun and no one judge because everyone was on the same boat... (Yes, this is me on my Humanities trip!!, for those who don't already know, I really like the class)

I think life is beautiful and is worth living despite anything that is wrong with it (mucho, por no decir todo!!, jeje)

I think facebook is a bad necessity...If it wasn't for facebook it would be really difficult to share with all my friends that at 2:23 in the morning I was thinking about all the stupidness (my word).... that crossed my mind yesterday while I was at class...thinking and wondering, just being me.

Me & Angélica's parafernalias*

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