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Friday, October 22, 2010

Miguel Paredes

Miguel Paredes is a painter. He is a sculptor and a multi-media artist. He is a muralist and underground graffiti tagger who at the age of thirteen worked the tunnels and school yards of his native New York under the moniker MIST. He is a Hip-hop and Anime fuelled digital pioneer who integrates the spirit of urban America with a distinctly Latin American flavor. He is a creator of collectible toys, an inventor, a chef and a business entrepreneur. He is a dissembler of new ideas, a charismatic and spontaneous creator who works harder than everyone around him to turn up the volume and re-enchant the possible. Miguel Paredes is the shape of his life experiences and it has made him a more powerful force than any singular effect ever could.

Paredes draws the viewer into a never ending interaction with the canvas immersing the viewer in a phenomenal visual experience as well as a rich inner journey about Time and memory. Paredes paints magnificent images that create an atmosphere of questioning and mystery and once engaged it is almost impossible to stop looking, to stop seeing the many subtleties, the slang, and the authentic force of his accomplishments as a painter. Paredes is deeply interested in how he can help information and knowledge flow from one generation to another and his solutions are always creative, novel and hip.

Info from : http://frankievelez.net/?page_id=6#

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