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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

29 Palms by: Stefanie Schneider

Life’s a Dream
The Personal World of Stefanie Schneider

"In the series 29 Palms (first begun in 1999) the two women charac- ters Radha and Max act out a scenario that is both infantile and adoles- cent. Wearing brightly coloured fake wigs of yellow and orange, a parody of the blonde and the redhead, they are seemingly trailer park white trash possessing a sentimental and kitsch taste in clothes totally inappropriate to the locality. The fact that Schneider makes no judgment about this is an interesting adjunct. Indeed, the photographic projection of the images is such that the girls incline themselves to believe that they are both beau- tiful and desirous..."

For more: {http://instantdreams.net/main}

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