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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Breast Cancer: An incredibly brave series.

San Francisco-based photographer Kerry Mansfield was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and photographed this series of self-portraits during her treatment. In her statement about the project, she writes:

"... My body may not be me, but without it, I am something else entirely. I knew that my long held image of myself would be shattered. What would emerge would be a mystery.

It was in that spirit of unknown endings, that I picked up my camera to self document the catharsis of my own cancer treatment.... "

FOR MORE: http://www.kerrymansfield.com/Artist.asp?ArtistID=22282&Akey=33TWDG6T


  1. Wow, this is so very raw. Thanks for posting on this. It's very moving - especially as a woman and with family & friends who have fought and are fighting cancer.

    Anyway, I now follow your blog, porque me encanta, especialmente el titulo "Beauty in Everything."

    Si quieres, pasa por el mio:




  2. mmm... Mami tuvo cancer en el seno . Mami tuvo suerte . Creo que fue una en un millon. Cuando me hablaban de cancer ,pensaba en un catarro. Que mas? Mami esta vida. Sin embargo todos los demas (pacientes de cancer) - que he conocido se han muerto. Es muy fuerte, still im very grateful.:)

  3. This artwork is very brave and creates a great opportunity to show the beauty of women that beat breast cancer is not diminished! We almost feel bad about selling breast cancer shirts that cover up this amazing bravery! Learn about breast cancer: http://projectboobies.com/

  4. Just found you thru pinterest. Thank you for sharing these courageous photos. I finished chemo in August and went through a double-mastectomy in September. I then had a post-op infection and had to have one of the expanders removed. So, I'm feeling a bit mutilated. . Your pictures show so much strength that it reminds me that I am much more than these scars on my chest.