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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SIXNE Family ii


Company Overview:

“Communicate, express and interpret reality through the simplicity of aesthetic culturized design is not only the main value of sixne, but the reason of its mere existence.”

Sixne reflects the present, it’s language belongs to the streets and its designs describes “reality” through out multiple points of views. This urban movement, originated in Mexico by Humberto Vazquez Galeana, responded a necessity of high school teenagers to verbalize ideas. Soon enough, the design of tees evolved into a communication media.

On the other hand, sixne rediscovers a new home in 2005 ending on the island of Puerto Rico. The brand finds exciting the new surroundings and peculiar details, and rapidly begins its culture reinterpretation. Now days, Sixne bases its designs on puertortorrican flavor, daily local details, social arguments and funny facts . One of sixne’s main goal is to create an association with the people; and achieve a true connection through the designs. The brand gathers local artists, compositors and urban performers promoting new discussions and emerging ideas.

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